Latest judgments

This is a ruling on an application made pursuant to Ord.45 r.11 for a stay of an order made in divorce proceedings concerning the day-to-day care and control of children pending determination of an appeal of that order. 

This is a ruling on an urgent application for custody and maintenance of the children of the marriage, which sought to vary a previous custody order of the Magistrates' Court. 

This is a ruling on the Plaintiff’s summons to amend its statement of claim. The Defendant opposed the application arguing that the claim was filed out of time.

In this ruling the Court interprets the Water and Sewerage Ordinance CAP 8.03 and determines whether it prohibits the appointment of more than one water undertaker for any specific geographical area.

This is a ruling on the Plaintiffs' summonses issued pursuant to section 77 of the Registered Land Ordinance, seeking the Court's approval of the modifications to the statutory provisions which were agreed by the parties to charges. The Plaintiffs desire to sell land by private treaty.