Court Code

This is the very first application for an extension of time in which to appeal, made to the Court of Appeal, since Parliament bestowed that jurisdiction upon the Court in May 2022.

The appellant appealed against receiving the mandatory minimum sentence of a term of imprisonment of seven years, after pleading guilty to the offences of keeping a firearm and keeping ammunition contrary to the Firearms Ordinance. The appellant argued that the sentence is manifestly excessive considering the circumstances of this case and that the sentencing judge was wrong in law in failing to find exceptional circumstances, which would have warranted a sentence less than the mandatory minimum.

This is an appeal from Orders of the Supreme Court in (1) CL 79/21 Tides Development Project Inc (“Tides”) v Phoenix Developments Ltd (“Phoenix”) and (2) CL 82/21 Tides Development Project Inc. v Turtle Cove Hotel and Residences Ltd (“Turtle Cove”).

This is an application for security for costs of this appeal. The principal issue that arises on the application is whether the applicant (Tropical) is entitled to an order for security for costs of the appeal, notwithstanding what the respondent (YM) says, that there was inordinate delay in making the application.