Latest judgments

This appeal arose out of a decision of Simons J after a 3-day trial and a comprehensive judgment which gave relief for damages caused by the breach of duty by The Proprietors, Strata Plan No. 67 known as the Regency Grand Resort.

These appeals concern the refusals of applications by summonses issued respectively on 2 February and 3 February 2022 seeking disclosure of a “draft Policy” document having particular focus on the right to work for Asylum Seekers.

This is an appeal by Leeward Water Services Ltd. concerning the interpretation of the Water and Sewerage Ordinance, and whether it prohibits the appointment of more than one water undertaker for any specific geographical area.

These are the Hon Judge's remarks on sentencing following the defendant's conviction by a jury for the offence of Assault by Penetration contrary to section 4(1)(A) of the Sexual Offences Ordinance No. 20 of 2020.

This is a ruling on the defendant's application to set aside default judgment in an amount to be assessed, and for unconditional leave to defend the claim.